WINDOW profile

Window finish profile Membrano

Window finish profile for multi-directional expanding...

PVC profile for connecting to window 9 with mesh

Profile for a perfect finishing and connection of a...

PVC profile for connecting to window MINI 9 with mesh

PVC profile for a perfect finishing and connection...

Profile for side sill connection

For draining water from the jamb and preventing leaks...


MATEICIUC a.s. - VAT: CZ60792825; written in the CR at the Regional Court in Ostrava, odd. B 987 Entry


Company closing during Christmas

Christmas closing from 17th December 2019 to 8th January 2020.

Christmas workshops with Saint Nicholas 2019

The children of MATEICUIC a.s. employees came to make Christmas decorations,...

Corporate volleyball 2019

On Friday 4th October we organized another year of traditional volleyball...

Quick contact

Aleš Vavroš - sales director

+420 556 312 432 +420 605 255 208

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