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Do you want to work in a company with tradition, purely Czech capital, in a prospective field, which is continuously developing?

Do you want to become part of a team of enthusiasts, who enjoy thinking when working, wish to educate themselves and acquire new experience?

Do you want to work in a company that offers a friendly working environment, the opportunity for self-realisation and just evaluation?

We will be glad to welcome you in our company, where we know that our success on the market can only be ensured by satisfied, motivated and loyal employees. That decisive factors in company competitiveness and performance are development of the knowledge, abilities and skills of individuals, the same as the ability to innovate, is already a generally known fact. Therefore our company expends considerable resources on education and development of its employees. Establishment of a company culture is no less an important factor for us.
"Culture is a mark of the development of a nation; company culture is the mark of the development of a company".

Every company has a company culture, what it is like is what matters. It portrays how most of the company's employees adhere not only to written but also unwritten rules, which have their origin in the human nature. This concerns sharing goals, values and priorities, it influences the behaviour of all employees. Our objective is that the MATEICIUC a.s. company becomes a serious partner not only to its employees, but also to its customers. Our company underwent a thorough audit in the field of company culture and management of human resources.
In June 2008 we were awarded the
                                                                         "Investors in People".

This concerns a standard acknowledged worldwide and a program in the field of measuring and increasing the quality of development of human resources in companies, organisations and offices, which is utilised by more than 45 000 organisations throughout the world. It is an instrument for increasing the performance and competitiveness of an organisation by means of its investments into people,
Achievement of this award is a great success for us and simultaneously means an obligation to maintain this set level.

  • Certificate of Education


MATEICIUC a.s. - VAT: CZ60792825; written in the CR at the Regional Court in Ostrava, odd. B 987 Entry


Innovation of RK-75 and RK-90 regulating valves
Innovation of RK-75 and RK-90 regulating valves
Calendar icon09.09.2021

Extension of the body of the regulating valve for bilateral deeper...

Mounting frame with rubber gasket
Mounting frame with rubber gasket
Calendar icon17.08.2021

Addition to flexible ventilation ducting accessories. What will be...

Company holiday 2021
Company holiday 2021
Calendar icon16.06.2021

The period from 26th July to 8th August 2021.
The last day we can...

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