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About us

1990 - present

The company was established by brothers Emil and Zdeněk Mateiciuc who successfully privatised the historic complex of the textile factory, which dates back to 1839. They commenced production of polypropylene pipes for under-floor heating, polyethylene pipes for potable water distribution, as well as production of PVC garden hoses and small plastic stampings in this complex.

Completion of extensive modernisation of the administrative building, production sheds and company complex. The company was transformed from a limited liability company into a joint stock company. The manufacturing range was expanded by production of smooth HDPE pipes for optical cable protection. The company also invested into equipment enabling improvement of production quality and variability.

The company acquired a number of important contracts for production of cable conduits, which led to expansion of production by purchase of new technologies. In 1998 the company commenced production of corrugated tubing as a supplement to the manufactured range of protective conduits, which became the company's main production program. The company established a quality control system according to the ISO 9002:1994 standard, which was certified by the TǛV company in 2000.

Entry of a strategic partner
 in 2002 was an important step for the company's developmentStagnation in the field of telecommunications networks construction and market saturation led to marked fall in protective conduit production and sales. The company reacted to this situation by replacing this production segment with a completely new and major range. It subsequently started manufacture of construction profiles in 2002.

The company's management develops the company's investment activities by construction of new buildings, infrastructure, employee facilities, modernisation of the machine pool and by supporting own expansion, which has given rise to a number of new products. Membership in the Building Insulation Guild, the Plasterboard Mechanics Guild and the CZ Chamber of Economics enables presentation of construction beads, their applications and advantages to the general public. The MAT trademark, which is linked to high quality products by MATEICIUC a.s., is becoming recognized on the market. In 2008 the company was granted the human resources management "Investor in People" certificate. At this time the company increased production volumes and the company's overall turnover export share rose significantly. The management accepted important changes to company management and strategic planning. At the end of 2008 the company established new plastic anti-noise barrier production, it successfully participated in realisation in the CZ and Slovakia and is preparing entry onto the Polish market with this commodity. In 2009 MATEICIUC a.s. became the majority owner of the Polish Behka Plast production enterprise, which will primarily be concerned with industrial hose production. The company was successfully recertified according to standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 in 2010.

2011 – 2015
The MATEICUIC Company successfully underwent a repeat audit on the basis of the “Investors in People” international standard on management of human resources and became a member of the PLASTICS CLUSTER of the Czech Republic in 2011. The ceremonial opening of the company’s new Development Centre took place in June 2012 and confirmed the main trend in the company’s progress – development and innovation. In the same year the company’s turnover exceeded the value of one quarter billion Czech crowns for the first time ever. Production and sale of bacteria and fungal resistant pipes for air distribution was launched following the innovation process in 2013. In the same year the company underwent successful recertification according to standard ČSN EN ISO9001:2009 and was also awarded a CERTIFICATE of completion of education in the field of equal opportunities for women and men on the employment market and work life balance. The company also received an AAA award in the form of a ČEKIA Stability Award certificate, which is the greatest possible accolade for a financially and economically stable company. In the same year the company’s management also decided to terminate production of noise barriers due to the fall in implementation of noise barrier measures. Development of a comprehensive range of micro-tube and bundle systems for FTTx technologies was completed in 2014. In the same year the company successfully penetrated new markets outside Europe and fulfilled the company’s set strategic plan for production and sale of products successful on a worldwide scale.

The future of the MATEICIUC company is chiefly linked to development, innovation, new markets and fulfilment of our vision:

       "To be one of the leading European manufacturers of construction profiles."

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MATEICIUC a.s. - VAT: CZ60792825; written in the CR at the Regional Court in Ostrava, odd. B 987 Entry


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