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OPTOHARD protective pipes

Protective pipes for Optical Cables
OPTOHARD protective pipes

Single-walled protective pipes are intended, primarily, for mechanical protection of optical and coaxial cables laid in trenches and channels (building/ reconstruction of transmission lines).

  • allow for trouble-free cable installation at long distances (on ideal conditions, up to 3 000 m)
  • cable introduction into the pipe via drawing or blowing-in technology


  • high-density polyethylene (PE-HD)

Pipe design

  • outer wall - smooth
  • inner wall - smooth or longitudinal grooving
outer diameter (mm) 32 40 50
standard wall thickness (mm) 2,5 3,0 3,5 4,0
Temperature resistance
  • installation temperature: handling HDPE pipes within of -5ºC to + 50ºC
  • operation temperature: of -40ºC to +70ºC

Pipe connection

  • mechanical couplings

Colour design

  • based on customer request


  • on request by the customer, the pipes of the same colour be differentiated using one, two or three longitudinal stripes around the pipe (90º intervals)


  • the identification of protective pipes is made
  • black letters (letter size minimum 4 mm)
  • the identification is printed in 1 m intervals


  • wood reel
  • small coil
outer diameter maximum installed length
small coil wood reel
mm mm m
32 200 or 300 2 500
40 200 or 300 1 800
50 150 1 000


  • small coils must be stored in horizontal position
  • maximum storage height 2 m, max. storage time up 3 months
  • it is not recommended to store in direct sunlight

  • Single-walled protective pipes OPTOHARD

    Single-walled protective pipes OPTOHARD
  • Single-walled protective pipes OPTOHARD, small coil

    Single-walled protective pipes OPTOHARD, small coil
  • Single-walled protective pipes, small coil

    Single-walled protective pipes, small coil

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