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DUOFLEX, DUOHARD protective pipes

Pipes for cable protection
DUOFLEX, DUOHARD protective pipes

Double-walled protective pipes  (also called "corrugated pipes or "cable protection sleeves") are intended, primarlly, for mechanical protection of cables laid in excavations and cable trenches.

  • Generally, they are used for difficult section of cable routes such as, water courses, railway, crossing, motorways. 
  • The pipes provide additional protection of water and gas supply lines, drainage or sloped sewers.


  • DUOHARD - outer and inner walls are made of PE-HD.
  • DUOFLEX - outer walls are made of PE-HD, inner wall are made of PE-LD (for diameters of 40, 50 and 63 mm) and of PE-HD (for diameters from 75 mm).

Pipe design

  • outer wall - corrugated for higher mechanical strength of the pip.
  • inner wall - smooth for easy cable installation. Slight corrugation provides for excellent flexibility, does not reduce passage capacity through the pipe in bends and maintains high strength.

Colour design

  • outer wall - red, black or blue (standard colours)
  • inner wall - black (standard)

length (coils)
of rods
mm mm m m  m m
40 32 50 0,20 - -
50 40 50 0,23 - -
63 51 50 0,26 - -
75 61 50 0,29 6 552
90 75 50 0,33 6 600
110 94 50 0,37 6 456
125 105 50 0,40 6 408
160 136 50 0,43 6 168
200 171 25 0,50 6 162

Heat resistance

  • installation temperature: dandling PE-HD pipes within of -5ºC to + 50ºC
  • operation temperature: of -40ºC to +70ºC

Pipe connection

  • the pipes are connected using slide-on couplings
  • pipes of both production lengths are delivered with a coupling on one end

Drawing element and cable introduction

  • DUOFLEX protective pipes in coils have pre-installed drawing elements (PV-PAD, thickness 1,2 mm or PP string 12 500 dtex)
  • cables must be introduced into DUOFLEX and DUOHARD pipes via drawing (blowing-in not possible). Smooth inner walls provide for easy cable introduction into the pipe.


  • in horizontal position, maximum storage height 2 m
  • max storage time up to 3 months
  • it is not recommended to store in direct sunlight (to DN 160 does not contain UV stabilizer)

Pipe laying

  • in order to maintain maximum mechanical strength of DUOFLEX and DUOHARD protective pipes observe installation instructions issued by MATEICIUC a.s.

  • DUOFLEX, DUOHARD protective pipes

    DUOFLEX, DUOHARD protective pipes
  • DUOFLEX, DUOHARD protective pipes

    DUOFLEX, DUOHARD protective pipes
  • DUOHARD protective pipes

    DUOHARD protective pipes
  • Cable Protection Pipes

    Cable Protection Pipes
  • HDPE Protective Pipe Duct

    HDPE Protective Pipe Duct

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PF 2023
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