AFC® corner profile

AFC® corner profile

An unique solution for fire-resistant of windows and doors frame fillings.

  • in combination with an AFD® corner profile with drip nose (frame) meers comprehensive requirements  for fire protection of buildings
  • compliant with the requirements specified by the ČSN 730810 standard, tested in accordance with the ISO 13 785-1 standard procedure
  • awarded Fire Classification Certificate (PKO)
  • profiles with fiberglass mesh

Material             PVC, glass fibre mesh

Ordering No. Dimension Length Packing
  (mm) (m) box (m) palette (m)
D/37 21x21, wgm100x150+wgm50x50 2,5 62,5 2 250

                                              wgm = glass fibre mesh

Elements of doors meeting the requirements of fire protection of buildings

  • AFC® corner profile, code D/37

  • AFC® corner profile, code D/37

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