Dripnose bead PVC with mesh

Dripnose bead PVC with mesh

Utilization with outer plasters, for a prevention of water under-flowing (e.g. window or door ceiling, etc.).

  • provided with protective removable tape on the visible edge
  • an edge protection, from a mechanical damage
  • the drip profile surface can be easily re-painted by a facade paint
  • the admitted edge has to be clean, without plaster
  • corner bead, dripnose for use in mortar - with fiberglass mesh
  • used to protect the edges and allow drainage of water from the surgace and bottom edges, or for preventing penetration of moisture into the layers of the facade

Material             PVC, glass fibre mesh

Ordering No. Dimension Length Packing
  (mm) (m) box (m) palette (m)
D/05 18x18, wgm 100x100 2,5 62,5 2 250
D/05.1 18x18, wgm 100x100 2,0 50 2 100

wgm = glass fibre mesh

How to prevent flowing of water under the plaster?

  • Dripnose bead, code D/05

  • Dripnose bead, code D/05

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