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Tubes of precise lengths

Custom production
Tubes of precise lengths

Use for simple application in the health care industry, the food industry and other branches of industry.

  • resistant to deformation
  • goods not held in stock, made to order

Working temperature:

  • -5ºC to +50ºC

Material:         phthalate-free plasticized PVC, conform with the Council Directive
                          93/42/EEC to produce sanitary devices

Design:           single-layer transparent, matt or clear colour. Please inquire about other

Comment:      goods not held in stock, made to order

inner/ outer
Wall thickness Cut length *
mm mm mm
3,7/0,5 1,6 from 20 mm accurate to +/- 1%
4/0,8 1,6 from 20 mm accurate to +/- 1%
6/4 1 from 20 mm accurate to +/- 1%
7,3/4,3 1,5 from 20 mm accurate to +/- 1%
9,1/6,1 1,5 from 20 mm accurate to +/- 1%

* please inquire about other cur lengths

  • Tubes of precise lengths

    Tubes of precise lengths

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