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Flexible ventilation ducting accessories

Flexible ventilation ducting accessories

Calendar icon03.06.2016

We increased our assortment with accessories for KLIMAFLEX SB flexible pipeline:

different boxes, outlets, caps, rings, exterior and shrink-seal connectors.

The advantages of using KLIMAFLEX SB accessories and pipes:

  • speed and simplicity of installation
  • adaptability to the type of installation
  • increased flexibility while retaining mechanical durability
  • low acquisition costs compared to other types of distribution system
  • low pressure losses in the pipeline
  • uniform air distribution


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ISO 9001 recertification
ISO 9001 recertification
Calendar icon10.05.2024

We successfully completed the recertification audit of our quality...

Truck drivers WARNING
Truck drivers WARNING
Calendar icon03.04.2024


From 8th April 2024 until 1st June 2024,...

Happy Easter 2024!
Happy Easter 2024!
Calendar icon25.03.2024

We wish you a lovely Easter Holiday, health, luck, peace and pleasure.

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